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Dry As A Bone, No Mess And Getting The Message Through

There are no wet eyes in this classroom. Or it could be a lecture hall or conference call. The lesson for today is this. Call it a history lesson even, because pretty soon those old chalkboards of black and green will be a thing of the past. Once most of schools’ governing bodies get wind of the long-term benefits, let’s just say, across the board, those old chalkboards that old Huck Finn never, ever saw, but Mr. Twain and his Tom Sawyer certainly did, will be confined to the (chalk) dustbins of history. Along with the dry erase boards, progressive-minded and outcomes based educators will already be making waves with their clean dry erase markers.

These markers are virtually dry as a bone. But this does not mean that the marking pens are a spent force. Upon your first few tryouts, it might amaze you to see how your ‘ink’ just flows and flows. Here again, you are given the opportunity to present your class or audience with the proverbial never-ending story but without having to strain yourself and them with long-winded and tiring accounts.

Before, during and after physical demonstrations, lessons, lectures and conference briefs, the front of room speechmaker is never distracted because he or she is not surrounded with or saddled with mess, something with which you would be all too familiar with as a schoolteacher, not so.

dry erase markers

The dry erase markers allow the user to get his or her message through. It is as clear as daylight. Everything that is noted on the dry erase board upfront can be neatly composed and should even be seen by those who still insist on sitting at the back of the classroom if you will.