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Why Every Supermarket Should Have Its Version Of Casters

pneumatic casters

As a regular customer, don’t you wish they would do something already about one of the longest-running irritations of the modern day supermarket. Well, there’s another irritation. Long queues that have the tendency to move along at the slowest snail’s pace, especially when you are in a hurry to get home and cook. And while you are skirting the aisles – well, you’re not skirting, or gliding, actually, you’re just pushing, and pushing real hard – you cook.

Your temperature starts to rise. Your blood boils as you run out of patience. Is it no wonder the shopping baskets have become smaller and replaced the famous supermarket trolleys. It’s got nothing to do with the fact that there’s less money to go around. As long as people have got jobs and inflation remains at near zero rates, there’s plenty enough money for the supermarket cash registers.

If only they would start earning it already. You are stuck in the aisles for miles because your dang trolley just doesn’t want to move forward. If it moves at all, it moves sideways, like a shy crab wishing to avert hot-tempered beachcombers. The warehouses and factories have got pneumatic casters attached to the bottoms of their heavy loaders, so why not bring out modest-sized versions for the supermarket trolleys and mobile shopping baskets.

Just think, with people being able to zip about a lot quicker, there’ll be more encouragement to fill those trolleys top-heavy. But then there’s the queues. Something still needs to be done about that. If supermarket owners and their clerks don’t buck up, the robots will be doing all the pushing, packing and tallying at the tills. They’re already pretty busy at the warehouses and on the factory floors.