The Industrial Revolution Built On Bearings

Looking throughout history the way our modern machine economy acme about was from the simple wheels, pulleys and gears that ran simple machines back in the early years of our country.  Many pieces and parts such as the gear belting bearing helped to build simple to complex machines.  Now in the computer age many of these old tools are being overlooked.  Here are some reasons to take a look into our past for a possible future.


Winches are great for pulling heavy equipment out of the mud.  For example if someone was in an automobile accident and they were on the side of the road, a tow truck can use their winch to grab onto the back of the vehicle and pull it out.


Clocks are great examples of gears.  How gears work is they interlock with each other through a series of groves and teeth.  A tooth will inset itself between two other teeth using pressure to move to the next tooth in the chain.  As these work in unison they have the power to move other objects such as pulleys, springs and gauges to accomplish other tasks.

With a watch for example when these gears work in harmony they keep the small and large hands moving in sequence keeping perfect time.

gear belting bearing

Vast industries are built

With the development of these bearings entire industries were formed. Starting as early as the Second World War women in the factories were building these bearings among a vast assortment of parts to support the war efforts.  Without the innovation and the construction possibilities of these bearings there is no telling where we would be today in the world of technology.

The Future

Making sure that the future is bright for bearings support the industry in construction projects and innovations.